Alabama IFC is Excited to Announce the Launch of Project Thrive:

Alabama IFC is launching a new program to battle the issue of mental health and substance abuse called Project Thrive. We acknowledge that life during the pandemic has been extremely difficult for students at the University of Alabama, and we’re committed to funding substantive programs to promote student well-being. Mental health and substance abuse have been a pressing issue for our community for some time now. This issue has only intensified as a result of the pandemic, as outlets for socialization have become few and far between. We are committed to providing resources to our members to ensure their health and safety; that’s why we’re especially excited to partner with Florida IFC for this project. Project Thrive is a mental health and substance abuse initiative to ensure all of our community members have access to the resources necessary to combat the issue at hand. We are proud to announce that on our website under Mental Health Resources, we have added an anonymous portal that will connect you with a counselor. IFC will financially support students seeking these resources for up to three sessions. This is the first step to combat mental health and substance abuse, and we will be rolling out more resources throughout the year. Because the best way to combat this issue long-term is preventative mental health, we hope that all members of our community will consider utilizing Project Thrive — regardless of their well-being. 

Meet Chuck Wint:

Chuck is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who received his Master’s degree in Social Work from The University of Alabama in 1988.  He has worked in a variety of mental health and substance abuse settings over the past 40 years which has allowed him to form breadth of understanding around the wide variety of issues that impact people’s lives. He provides creative programs, counseling, and interventions for fraternities, athletes, and young adults. Chuck is a seasoned counselor who has worked extensively with individuals and couples to reclaim direction and purpose for their lives. He has 25 years of experience in working with addictions, recovery, and the impact substance abuse has on families.  His efforts are always focused on taking care of people regardless of their circumstances.  Anyone can talk to Chuck, as he is open-minded, always interested, and freely available. He will be a strong advocate who truly cares for your best interests, and he will help you to achieve your goals.