Fraternity recruitment guide


Accepting bids:

In order to accept a Bid for membership, you MUST log into the Campus Director system, and accept your bid. The Campus Director portal opened on April 1, 2022. If a bid has been extended to you when you log in you will see a drop down menu for "Bids Extended." Select the chapter you would like to accept a bid from, and hit submit. If you do not have a list of bids extended you have not received a bid. You can receive multiple bids throughout this process. Should you receive a bid from a chapter, it does not become official until August 23, 2022. Once you accept a bid from a chapter you cannot accept a bid from any other IFC organization during the Fall Recruitment period.


Men participating in IFC recruitment CANNOT move into residence halls early. There is no need to move in early to a residence hall for recruitment events or activities. Chapters should not request or require that any new member or potential new member arrive on campus prior to their selected move in dates. All move in arrangements and registrations should be made through the Office of Housing & Residential Communities. 

If you are interested in learning more about your housing options, and to schedule your move in date, please visit the Office of Housing & Residential Communities website or you can call their office at either (888) 498- BAMA or (205) 348-6676.

The University of Alabama complies with all applicable laws prohibiting discrimination, which are outlined in the University's nondiscrimination notice and in its harassment policy. Membership in registered student organizations shall be open to all students of The University of Alabama, without regard to race, religion, sex, disability, national origin, color, age, gender identity or expression, sexual identity, or veteran status except in cases of designated fraternal organizations exempted by federal law from Title IX regulations concerning discrimination on the basis of sex.

Individuals who have concerns about the recruitment process are encouraged to contact the Dean of Students Office at (205) 348-3326.